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Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.

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  1. Vibudh

    Vibudh21 soat oldin

    That roti is EXACTLY how my mom makes it, I'm very impressed!

  2. Coup De Grace

    Coup De Grace21 soat oldin

    It ain't no chapati when you use a food processor

  3. JEP

    JEP21 soat oldin

    I love bread

  4. Blair Nodelman

    Blair Nodelman21 soat oldin

    make matzah tho

  5. Mikko Rintasaari

    Mikko Rintasaari21 soat oldin

    I think Babish just convinced me that I need a pizza stone.

  6. tk campo

    tk campo21 soat oldin

    could have sworn you were starting with matzah


    CHOWHANBOY21 soat oldin

    I am 13 years old and you are my biggest inspiration in cooking

  8. CytruzErizonit

    CytruzErizonit21 soat oldin

    “Cooking is more like religion than a hobby,”

  9. Sketchy Skies

    Sketchy Skies21 soat oldin


  10. Christian Cody

    Christian Cody21 soat oldin

    I can always count on Andrew to say the word “Supple” when working with dough. XD

  11. Konrad Mack

    Konrad Mack21 soat oldin

    When can i order a rolling pin and chopping boardd to germany. Amazon tells me its only available in the us? When does that change?

  12. Hexagon earth on a raccoon society

    Hexagon earth on a raccoon society21 soat oldin

    Do the bacon shrimps from park and rec episode five season one i think

  13. add2cart

    add2cart21 soat oldin

    How do you make a roti if you don't have a gas oven, but an electric one? Can you just put it on the stovetop?

  14. Caren Memmott

    Caren Memmott21 soat oldin

    So could we do an oatmeal episode? I feel like there are soo many options when it comes to what most consider a bland breakfast

  15. Un'Named

    Un'Named21 soat oldin

    In another universe of cooking:

  16. Courtney Varner

    Courtney Varner21 soat oldin

    These are all way fancier than the flatbread my mom made when we were super poor.

  17. Konstantinos Sfoungaris

    Konstantinos Sfoungaris21 soat oldin

    Meat-Peggy and spagballs anyone?

  18. ClownCollegeGrad

    ClownCollegeGrad21 soat oldin

    Can you make the strawberry pies from Celeste?

  19. adi upman

    adi upman21 soat oldin

    Babish has made rotis rounder than mine. And I'm Indian. Also, so happy you referenced Gemma Stafford. She's awesome too.

  20. Gluttonous Manu

    Gluttonous Manu21 soat oldin

    6:56 ahh paratha

  21. Guest

    Guest21 soat oldin

    *Love that cheese explosion lol.*

  22. Rishi Surana

    Rishi Surana21 soat oldin

    Man rotis just like my mum makes! Noice 🥺

  23. Mason Karr

    Mason Karr21 soat oldin

    You should do a meateater babbish cooking collab and do some wolf game cooking with Steven rinella

  24. Mike B

    Mike B21 soat oldin

    Kay’s Kitchen meat mince

  25. Shhh

    Shhh21 soat oldin

    Babish, please give vegetarian and vegan substitutes for some of your recipes. I love so many of your recipes, but don't know what would be the perfect substitute for given ingredient. :/

  26. mohamed Alhaji

    mohamed Alhaji21 soat oldin

    Pita for life

  27. Raynah Woolsey

    Raynah Woolsey21 soat oldin

    Luke’s Burger from Gilmore Girls or Miss Patty’s Founders Day Punch :) please I’ve been asking for years.

  28. willard fillmore

    willard fillmore21 soat oldin

    Yes officer, it's this video right here

  29. Atharvax

    Atharvax21 soat oldin

    The fact that Babish can make a roti puff up perfectly on the first try makes me doubt my cooking skills

  30. EthanDaBassman

    EthanDaBassman21 soat oldin

    Oh some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza ⭐lol LOOK AT IT!

  31. FaerieDust

    FaerieDust21 soat oldin

    It's so magical when the roti blows up like that! My stove' electric though, idk if that would work very well...

  32. Plaines_LV

    Plaines_LV21 soat oldin

    Pls make the food from Kevin Cooks Stuff in The Office :)

  33. vlCallMePrince-x

    vlCallMePrince-x21 soat oldin


  34. Said Chammas

    Said Chammas21 soat oldin

    You forgot traditional arabic bread (much thinner and larger)

  35. Edrian Pelobello

    Edrian Pelobello21 soat oldin

    As i am not paying atention, i will therefore assume that it's magic

  36. Girish Manjunath

    Girish Manjunath21 soat oldin

    Btw, bathura (might be bhathura, my romanisation of Hindi isn't the best) is a brilliant deep fried yoghurt leavened 'flatbread' that goes great with channa masala or it's lesser known (outside of India) cousin, rajma masala. Chole bathura are literally the best breakfast, if you're having them at a restaurant, and you don't have to make them yourself on the morning of an already hectic day.

  37. Saurabh singh

    Saurabh singh21 soat oldin

    Thank you for this Andrew. I will definitely follow your recipe. Love from INDIA 🥰🥰🥰

  38. Mohamed Abdourahman

    Mohamed Abdourahman21 soat oldin

    We're still waiting for the tegridy burger.

  39. Sam the goblin

    Sam the goblin21 soat oldin

    pls never say yogurt like that again

  40. Geri

    Geri21 soat oldin

    Be careful with the excess flour that stays in the pan, burnt flour tastes absolutely terrible

  41. Haberschnack

    Haberschnack21 soat oldin

    Sometimes I'm scared that Babish can read my mind. Made filled Pita Bread for lunch. The store bought ones... I will do better next time!!

  42. Alexander

    Alexander21 soat oldin

    Yo make a papadias!!!

  43. Sogetsku

    Sogetsku21 soat oldin

    Is that a new ooni?

  44. Saranath Viduranga

    Saranath Viduranga21 soat oldin

    That flatbread is perfect..! Just like what my grandma makes

  45. Bartłomiej Frączkowski

    Bartłomiej Frączkowski21 soat oldin

    Chicken livers from Devil All the Time. P L E A S E

  46. BendyPlays

    BendyPlays21 soat oldin

    Pls make the sluzzle wurst from the amazing world of gumball

  47. ohmiasi

    ohmiasi21 soat oldin

    Why does my pita dough never stay round when I move it? The dough is always so stretchy that it turns into a weird oval as soon as I pick it up to move it into the oven. Is there a trick?

  48. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin21 soat oldin

    Is it even a Babish video if he doesn't say the word "Ball" unnecessarily aggressively?

  49. D P

    D P21 soat oldin


  50. Millie xox

    Millie xox21 soat oldin

    Would love to see you make Mushroom ravioli from twilight 😍😍😍

  51. Alex Lonergan

    Alex Lonergan21 soat oldin

    Would love to see you make authentic Borscht. All these recipes posted have tomatoes in them and it makes me very angry 😂. An amazing dish more people need to know about

  52. Hoàng Du Trần

    Hoàng Du Trần21 soat oldin

    What is the ingredient that he adds at 3:36? He didn't mention it

  53. Deepa Agarwaal

    Deepa Agarwaal21 soat oldin

    you missed the oils

  54. Dee Kay Remmz

    Dee Kay Remmz21 soat oldin

    Awesome to finally see a gf episode

  55. Evrin Galindo

    Evrin Galindo21 soat oldin

    I NEED EVERYONES ATTENTION! In the cartoon The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. There is an episode where Captain K'nuckles eats CANDY COATED HOTDOGS! They're all different colors too! Please please pleaaase I need to see this happen 😂

  56. Hh Кришна

    Hh Кришна21 soat oldin

    Had i known flatbread meant roti...😂

  57. Felice Caccamo

    Felice Caccamo21 soat oldin

    That's some real cooking mastery. Keep up, you're doing great!

  58. qtc1xpz YT

    qtc1xpz YT21 soat oldin

    You have to do the white cake from Django Unchained!!!

  59. Малышка Хуишка

    Малышка Хуишка21 soat oldin

    I absolutely loved this! 3 methods- wow! can't even imagine that I can do flatbread without a yeast.thank you!

  60. aivilO

    aivilO21 soat oldin

    i love the alliteration in this video

  61. Naufal Muhammad Haiqal

    Naufal Muhammad Haiqal21 soat oldin

    Whenever I heard Roti, I heard my Bengali's neighbor who complaining that term refers to all bread exist in Indonesia...

  62. Joseph Westbrook

    Joseph Westbrook21 soat oldin

    Yea that’s too much work for a grilled cheese bro

  63. God Of Egg

    God Of Egg21 soat oldin

    Ngl I eat meat-getti sometimes lol its not that bad its just the spag-balls though

  64. Shaurya Shrivastava

    Shaurya Shrivastava21 soat oldin

    As an Indian. I find it horrifying that the americans found out a way to bastardise something as simple as flour and water

  65. Phuck YouTube

    Phuck YouTube21 soat oldin

    Why babish whyyy 😭😂

  66. PieGizmo

    PieGizmo21 soat oldin

    Monetization is one thing, but come on, you're getting consistent views. I wish not every video of his was sponsored. It just feels emptier.

  67. Jose Sosa

    Jose Sosa21 soat oldin

    The BCU died faster than the DCU

  68. Someone

    Someone21 soat oldin

    Are you a frontflipper or a backflipper?

  69. yeet stuff

    yeet stuff21 soat oldin

    If I don't want to add egg, is there a replacement or something?

  70. SPZ Aruba

    SPZ Aruba21 soat oldin

    Flat bread means I can pack more filling stuff inside my sandwich. I appreciate that.

  71. Arvin Sanaa

    Arvin Sanaa21 soat oldin


  72. Niko Lindroos

    Niko Lindroos21 soat oldin

    confused Italian screaming*

  73. Botersaus

    Botersaus21 soat oldin

    Who else tried to say: "Freshly fried falafel"?

  74. Cliff Etters

    Cliff Etters21 soat oldin

    I'm surprised that you didn't try to throw a flatbread curveball in there with injera.

  75. Joebobjon112

    Joebobjon11221 soat oldin

    I guess the Pizza oven Produces Perfect Pita Pretty Predictably. I needed to continue the alliteration that was already there, sorry

  76. May Nguyen

    May Nguyen21 soat oldin

    I’m definitely attempting this but i have a feeling it’s gonna take me all weekend

  77. Tamil Chef

    Tamil Chef21 soat oldin

    Flatentend 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Pathorn 9

    Pathorn 921 soat oldin

    Mmmmmmmmmmm pre-chewed cat food

  79. dipali singh

    dipali singh21 soat oldin

    As an indian....I got the happy hormones watching babish's roti "bubble up"

  80. Rabarium

    Rabarium21 soat oldin

    my local kebab shop uses a pizza oven for its pita bread and makes great pizza too.