Binging with Babish: Pizza Gyoza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In the 2012 3D-animated reboot of the 2003 re-imagining of the classic 1987 animated series, channeling the lighthearted energy of the 2007 film and preceding the creepy 2014 CGI Michael Bay adaptation, the first season's 21st episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 5-season arc features the eponymous quartet of combatants enjoying something curious: pizza gyoza. Let's make some!


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  1. Babish Culinary Universe

    Babish Culinary Universe9 kun oldin

    Missed opportunities in this episode: -Shredder reference (re: cheese) -"Presenting: Perfect Pizza Potstickers, Pal" -Anchovies/Mikey reference -Crack about Michael Bay

  2. SovereignNox

    SovereignNox2 kun oldin

    it's okay you're learning

  3. Rob Coward

    Rob Coward3 kun oldin

    Pls make kaiserschmarrn

  4. Tamijay Gallow

    Tamijay Gallow4 kun oldin

    I wonder who your favorite ninja turtle is mine is leo

  5. CheesecakeLasagna

    CheesecakeLasagna5 kun oldin

    I think we’re better off not acknowledging Michael Bay at all, like moving forward as society.

  6. Kagebushin01

    Kagebushin016 kun oldin

    Canada Cakes from China Il.

  7. Lazarus Wilhelm (COOKING WITH LAZ)

    Lazarus Wilhelm (COOKING WITH LAZ)Soat oldin

    missed the opportunity to say clean slate club

  8. neesh

    neesh5 soat oldin

    i hate you for making me this hungry at 2:11 am 😭😭😤

  9. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 soat oldin

    Remember: almost 90% of the rooms of babish's house are kitchens.

  10. Jonny Barnard

    Jonny Barnard14 soat oldin

    So really fancy, japanese pizza rolls. Nice

  11. Jonny Barnard

    Jonny Barnard10 soat oldin

    @dcoog anml i mean its pretty obvious lol

  12. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 soat oldin

    finally you did this

  13. B CG

    B CG15 soat oldin

    Vegan Basics with Babish!!

  14. Mk V

    Mk V16 soat oldin

    Oba gyoza from Dorohedoro?

  15. Seth G Hahn

    Seth G HahnKun oldin

    The 2012 teenage mutant ninja turtles was my child hood

  16. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonKun oldin

    Remember: almost 90% of the rooms of babish's house are kitchens.

  17. Bi Han

    Bi HanKun oldin

    My ansestors are mad and very disappointed

  18. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonKun oldin

    Haatons: "Hey, I've seen this one"

  19. Ahmad Yahya 🇲🇾🇵🇸

    Ahmad Yahya 🇲🇾🇵🇸Kun oldin

    Pizza stick

  20. Tha chocolate god

    Tha chocolate godKun oldin

    Bossanova dude!

  21. adam

    adamKun oldin

    I can't imagine Babish watching the 2012 iteration of Ninja Turtles.. duno why.

  22. Xenronnify

    XenronnifyKun oldin

    I think what you've done here is made pro-level Torino's pizza rolls.

  23. Mega Rayquaza

    Mega RayquazaKun oldin

    Hot pocket potstickers

  24. meow derp

    meow derpKun oldin

    Just a suggestion! You could totally do a video on how to make many different types of taco rotel dip, or any version of rotel with different meats or styles of doing it! Would mean the would if you did it!

  25. MxdModz34

    MxdModz34Kun oldin

    my friend is an idiot he lowkey saw u bend down and said "Ha,Pleshiv!" which means "Ha,Bald!".

  26. Heavencloud19

    Heavencloud19Kun oldin

    That was a rushed video, are you tired? :/

  27. happy lil guy

    happy lil guy2 kun oldin

    That gyoza looks like Chinese dumplings... Oh wait they are

  28. Sarah Tuck

    Sarah Tuck2 kun oldin


  29. Jurassic nation

    Jurassic nation2 kun oldin

    finally you did this

  30. UpintheAir1395

    UpintheAir13952 kun oldin

    So pizza dumplings. Huh.

  31. MR Reality

    MR Reality2 kun oldin

    Something doesn't seem right in this video he talks really different if someone like making scripts or something

  32. austin lewis

    austin lewis2 kun oldin

    Man I'm so hungry

  33. TheKingOfDale

    TheKingOfDale2 kun oldin

    i am in pain until i can eat this

  34. Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith2 kun oldin

    Haatons: "Hey, I've seen this one"

  35. Dr. Duckling

    Dr. Duckling2 kun oldin

    Finally a real comment about gyoza

  36. FrankyStein

    FrankyStein2 kun oldin

    Got to hand it to you, this is exactly what Michelangelo would have done. And it looks somewhat edible unlike some of the ''pizzas'' he made in the comics. I mean gummybears and licorice together with cheese and ham and what not. Gross.

  37. Paimon is here!

    Paimon is here!2 kun oldin


  38. Frankie Arnold

    Frankie Arnold2 kun oldin

    Make this into a sausage.

  39. Jonathan Bryant

    Jonathan Bryant2 kun oldin

    I have a request for a future episode. The cake flavored pizza and pizza flavored cake from Gravity Falls would be awesome!

  40. TopOrientalChief

    TopOrientalChief3 kun oldin

    Very lovely your are a superrr chef I had learning many things from you i hope that my channel will have the public that like my cooking receipe as i will see in your channel from the comment really hope to you all the best and continue😍❤️👏

  41. Bo_Meep

    Bo_Meep3 kun oldin

    All I'm thinking of are pizza pockets but I'm curious about the wrapping since it is steamed and thin

  42. ToxicTommy

    ToxicTommy3 kun oldin

    You know what you should try? The Ramen pizza from Cooking With Patrick (its not officially from spongebob so you have to search it on youtube) It's from a Channel called "The ChrisLab" it is very old

  43. cheytanna nafus

    cheytanna nafus3 kun oldin

    The 2012 version of tmnt is the best one

  44. Megan Daniels

    Megan Daniels3 kun oldin

    Depending on...I dunno. Stuff. Sage advice.

  45. Joe Mitchell

    Joe Mitchell3 kun oldin

    Oh man I know what my kids are doing this summer

  46. Gabriel Sanchez Torres Alcala Melendez _Brad X_

    Gabriel Sanchez Torres Alcala Melendez _Brad X_3 kun oldin

    Video looks rushed. Slow down.

  47. dajosm

    dajosm3 kun oldin

    Holy crap...I didn't know other people did this O_O

  48. The Last Protector of Overain

    The Last Protector of Overain3 kun oldin

    Can you try covering the Light Sandwich from Regular show?

  49. Robbie Dehner

    Robbie Dehner3 kun oldin

    This show ages so well. I love getting to see his kitchen expand

  50. Game Figs

    Game Figs3 kun oldin

    I have a completely random one for you, Donkey Kong is turning 40 on July 9th. How about making his Birthday cake from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze?

  51. Sundown Child

    Sundown Child3 kun oldin

    golden eggwich from yugioh gx

  52. Masked Sentai

    Masked Sentai3 kun oldin

    This would be awesome in a pizza restaurant like I would love to eat that maybe Pizza Hut or Hungry Howie's

  53. Antony O.

    Antony O.3 kun oldin

    Yes please!!!

  54. definitely not a bot

    definitely not a bot3 kun oldin


  55. mamacita troy

    mamacita troy3 kun oldin

    so basically calzones? that guy from parks and rec would be proud

  56. martyswild

    martyswild3 kun oldin

    It was a spooky ghost! Love the Randy Marsh reference

  57. alida flus

    alida flus3 kun oldin

    Other cartoon characters that would dream up a pizza gyoza pizza: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo

  58. Crew Swaggerlock

    Crew Swaggerlock3 kun oldin


  59. Crew Swaggerlock

    Crew Swaggerlock3 kun oldin

    @alida flus Thats a little random.

  60. alida flus

    alida flus3 kun oldin

    more accurate to the picture on a lunchables box. I look forward to better videos in the future.

  61. Phantom Fox

    Phantom Fox3 kun oldin

    It would be cool if you made Sluzzerwurst from Gumball

  62. Rob Coward

    Rob Coward3 kun oldin

    Petition for Babish to make kaiserschmarrn

  63. Rhae Hodges

    Rhae Hodges3 kun oldin

    The slurry you made seems about same as the wonton components anyhow. I would have crisped up the shells as is for a crust because initially, that's what I thought I'd seen. I wonder who thinks of these foodscapades in these shows. Creators only? Nah probably their kids lol genius

  64. Richard Nimz

    Richard Nimz3 kun oldin

    Well, now that he's got the series, the only logical next step is the P Shake.

  65. Hachi

    Hachi4 kun oldin

    Cringenator: Ounce Inch Feet Miles Fahrenheit

  66. B E A N S

    B E A N S4 kun oldin

    You should try to recreate the cheese toasties from the show Skam (season 3 episode 2). It's gross, but looks easy and fun (and it's pride month so it would be cool to make something from an lgbtqia+ show).

  67. Женя Пуховская

    Женя Пуховская4 kun oldin

    Shouldn't there be a warning that water may EXPLODE if you pour it on hot oil?

  68. Chewykiller101

    Chewykiller1014 kun oldin

    Rocket learn has an ad and u were in it and I just got it before I could watch ur video

  69. Aron Emmanuel Velasco

    Aron Emmanuel Velasco4 kun oldin

    I was thinking a 367 topping pizza from Ratchet & Clank.

  70. CommonDave

    CommonDave4 kun oldin

    Can you please make George Floyd's favourite sandwich in honour of him? It is a banana and mayo sandwich. BLM ✊🏿✊🏻

  71. John Wielding

    John Wielding4 kun oldin

    how about the best hamburger in new york from himym

  72. Branson Taylor

    Branson Taylor4 kun oldin

    so basically fancy pizza rolls

  73. GrimShock

    GrimShock4 kun oldin

    Make the Die Hard cake from Brooklyn nine nine

  74. miko foin

    miko foin4 kun oldin

    Now we need the 99 Cheese Pizza from the live action TMNT film

  75. Ninja Coffee Bunny

    Ninja Coffee Bunny4 kun oldin

    I have been making a version of this on my own for years that look far more like the show. Your food usually does too, but this time I was highly disappointed; yours looks far more accurate to the picture on a lunchables box. I look forward to better videos in the future.

  76. Ninja Coffee Bunny

    Ninja Coffee Bunny4 kun oldin

    @miko foin ...did you just use autofill or something? 🤣 Didn't make much sense but I suppose I appreciate the comment anyways.

  77. miko foin

    miko foin4 kun oldin

    The past fiberglass jekely signal because piccolo opportunely offer plus a crazy parrot. sharp, rampant piano

  78. MrAtarine

    MrAtarine4 kun oldin

    i miss that cartoon

  79. The Devil

    The Devil4 kun oldin

    PLEASe! Make a bun bun from spongebob

  80. Contented

    Contented4 kun oldin


  81. plastickhero

    plastickhero4 kun oldin

    Great now I gotta call them "Lil Dumpers."

  82. Ma`at

    Ma`at4 kun oldin

    The turtles made that pizza look so delicious the way they devoured it😂⚡️🔥🔥

  83. Hugo Ong

    Hugo Ong4 kun oldin

    Can you do Key and Peeles kebapi vs Cevapi 😂

  84. fuiehf jfcnsl

    fuiehf jfcnsl4 kun oldin

    Ein Kommentar

  85. B D

    B D4 kun oldin

    hi babish keep up the great work

  86. Kendra Deuker

    Kendra Deuker4 kun oldin

    The mature hardware totally scrape because edward joly save before a troubled table. quick, murky ukrainian

  87. Kris Frederick

    Kris Frederick4 kun oldin

    "I want a large thick crust with double cheese, ham, pepperoni, lettuce, onions, sausage, green peppers, pineapple, (can't hear due to splinter getting loud), black olives ... pause yeah, those, too! In fact, throw everything you got on it. Oh, but NO anchovies!" -Michelangelo

  88. FrankyStein

    FrankyStein2 kun oldin

    Say what you want but he thinks about his health, otherwise there would be no lettuce or pineapple.

  89. Scott Wild

    Scott Wild4 kun oldin

    Mozzarella cheese in the pan first would have done just the same as your cornstarch skirt. It's how is weirdos have made keto pizza before. It crisps up far before it burns.

  90. ashbenet

    ashbenet4 kun oldin

    Please! Do the Herring pie from Kiki’s delivery service!!! It is absolutely the one food I have been dying to see you make come to life from Ghibli movies!!! 😭

  91. Stephen Macartney

    Stephen Macartney4 kun oldin

    Sardines, on a pretzel, from The 'Burbs.

  92. Gaven Winters

    Gaven Winters4 kun oldin

    Oriental pizza bites....nice

  93. Cristian R

    Cristian R4 kun oldin

    Nice a ravioli recipe 👌

  94. Will Raquel

    Will Raquel5 kun oldin

    The past fiberglass jekely signal because piccolo opportunely offer plus a crazy parrot. sharp, rampant piano

  95. Greg O'Keefe

    Greg O'Keefe5 kun oldin

    I refuse to accept that as TMNT

  96. Scanter Wave

    Scanter Wave5 kun oldin

    Has Babish done the Curry Bun from Black Butler?

  97. Mr. Majestic Banana

    Mr. Majestic Banana5 kun oldin

    Krust krab pizzaaa please!

  98. Dylan McCreary

    Dylan McCreary5 kun oldin

    What brand sauce pin do you use?

  99. Tina Carroll

    Tina Carroll5 kun oldin

    You should make the duck cake from bluey

  100. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi5 kun oldin

    I think I know what the life lesson was. “Too much cheese, isn’t enough cheese”

  101. Phrog

    Phrog5 kun oldin

    So, first you make gyoza. Then you make pizza. You put the two together to make a godly snack. Then you have pizza gyoza. Then, babish makes a pizza gyoza…pizza?

  102. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi5 kun oldin

    June 12th 2021 babish makes pizza rolls

  103. Big man S

    Big man S5 kun oldin

    Whitest thing ive ever heardis man say “lil spicy from the pepperonis ,leave a thread of his quotes

  104. Left nip Ring

    Left nip Ring5 kun oldin

    Babish I’m surprised you can even tasting anything with out taste buds buddy..

  105. Ghosty

    Ghosty5 kun oldin

    I think doing Clyde and Bonnie's breakfast in Amarillo, from the highway men would be cool!

  106. Subcount_ Zer0 (Subcount_Zero)

    Subcount_ Zer0 (Subcount_Zero)5 kun oldin

    Surprised he hasn’t done the Sandvich from TF2

  107. Bradley Pearl

    Bradley Pearl12 soat oldin

    @Falje Lazuli Sir, I don't think he would do Mad Milk. I know what it is in game, if ya catch my drift ;)

  108. Falje Lazuli

    Falje Lazuli2 kun oldin

    I like that idea. Also got several other food-like items that could be fun to see him tackle. -Bonk! Atomic Punch -Buffalo Steak Sandwich -Fishcake -Mad Milk

  109. TreeckoJedi9

    TreeckoJedi95 kun oldin

    You should check out Miitopia! That has a buuuunch of weird foods!

  110. TheKAlltop

    TheKAlltop5 kun oldin

    Aren't these Calzones

  111. Adrian Duran

    Adrian Duran5 kun oldin

    Make the Black Ink Pasta from JoJo

  112. Janith Ernest

    Janith Ernest5 kun oldin

    I just made this and it's amazing

  113. Lacey Wilson

    Lacey Wilson5 kun oldin

    Will you make something from Larry the cable guy: health inspector

  114. tis youtube • 3 year ago

    tis youtube • 3 year ago5 kun oldin

    You should make some food from one piece

  115. krypotico

    krypotico5 kun oldin

    Splinter: sometimes you need to understand the plate's past before handling it.

  116. Jude Kearney

    Jude Kearney5 kun oldin

    Make Oden from One Piece!

  117. Noobs DeSroobs

    Noobs DeSroobs5 kun oldin

    Pizza gyoza and pancake okonomiyaki are proof that delicious + delicious can be digusting.